I just found this great Adventure Time RP site

The graphics are stunning.┬áIt’s a shame that it’s not very active, and doesn’t have many members.

This could be quite the RP site if some of you guys joined!


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Anonymous said: oh oops.. adveturetimeroleplay

I just typed this into my address bar, apparently you need a password?

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Submitted by idiotwatch02.

Submitted by idiotwatch02.

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Anonymous said: Do you think you could promote our adventure Time Rp group?

Of course. What’s it called?

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Anonymous said: Hey, can you please promote my new fan forum: candy-kingdomdotproboardsdotcom? It would be greatly appreciated.

Sure. :) Everyone, go check out candy-kingdom.proboards.com! (tumblr should really let people put links in asks again).

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crystalcompass said: Your blog is quite literally the most amazing thing ever. ♥ Now to try out some of these pickup lines...

look out guys, a womanizer is on the loose.

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shiftycheesecake said: These are amazing :D haha Make me laugh!! x3 Wish I had someone to tell them too!! :P

awww, thanks man. You’ll find a hot Adventure Time fan someday.

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Submitted by justgonnakeeplovingyou.

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Submitted by askhotdogprincess.

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